Make Your Course Even More Brilliant
By Using These 3 Places for Ideas!

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Congratulations on already taking the first steps to building an online course for your target audience! If you’ve completed your free training, you will already have some ideas for course topics. The topic choice determines all of the other decisions you'll make as you plan your course, and it’s the single biggest factor that determines whether your course will be successful or not.

The Internet offers a wide variety of places to get ideas for your topic. Simple Google searches and social media exploring can help you find excellent topic ideas; but here are 3 goldmines of information, that you may not have considered using.


1. Feedly

Feedly is a news aggregator application that brings you blogs and articles. It takes the work out of searching for you by bringing stories you're interested in straight to your feed. What sets Feedly apart is its ease of use. For example, it brings up headlines that you can scan quickly to see what's new.
You choose sources by simply clicking on an "add" icon and then mark the sources by priority. You can create categories and organize your feed to make it as efficient as possible. When you check your feed, you'll see blog posts, news and trending content in your niche.
Feedly is available for various web browsers and mobile devices using iOS and Android.

2. Quora Q&A Platform

A great way to get topic ideas is to consider questions your target audience asks. What are the things they want to know about your niche? Social media is useful for seeing conversations and seeing what people are asking. But Q&A sites like Quora are even better. You can search for questions that users are asking directly. Find good questions and base your course lessons on answering them, or answer the questions when creating content for your social media posts or blog articles.  
You can also get an idea of how popular topics are on Quora. You can see which questions are asked most often. These high demand questions are good issues to tackle in your course. You can then read answers to get ideas on the kind of advice others have given, and choose to include similar material based on the most popular answers.


3. Reddit

Reddit is a very active online community and message board with conversations on any and every niche under the sun. Users create "subreddits" for specific topics and questions. Like Quora, it provides a place where people can ask questions and other users can answer. You can search Reddit to find questions that are asked about your niche.


When you're looking at these sources for ideas, here are a few things to consider:
  • Look for pressing problems that your target market is facing. Your course should aim to offer unique ways to solve the problems.
  • Try to consider length. Your online course should be about five to seven modules. Which questions can you answer within that space?
  • Choose a topic that's timely but also evergreen. If you teach something evergreen, you can run the course multiple times.
  • Try to narrow the topic in your niche that you choose to focus on, based on what you know about through your life and work experience (but remember that you can fill in gaps by researching, interviewing or even hiring a writer).

Make a big list of ideas and save the ones you don't use this time for future courses or even consider doing a series i.e. Part 1a, Part 1b, etc.

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