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Monetize Your Work For Years to Come

Authors, coaches, consultants and other thought leaders are turning their passions and knowledge into profitable products. Why not you? You may have considered doing something with your content, but the process can be confusing. Things like deciding what products to build or how to package them, connecting all the technical items together or deciding on which platforms to use, can be hard and put a hard stop on your forward momentum.

That’s where we come in. We can either get it all done, or setup the outlines and processes that will help you laser focus on what needs to get done. We make it easy peesy and get you moving forward again!

…and we don’t stop at just your course! We create an entire integrative business model and funnel system that will help you reach and impact your followers in a bigger way.

Did You Know?

  • E-learning increases learner retention rates by 25-60% 1
  • 42% of US organizations have had increased profits due to the addition of e-learning 1
  • Based on a survey, companies with “comprehensive training programs” experience increased revenues per employee (by 218%!) and profit margin increases of 24% 1
1 Source: TechJury. (2019). 21 Astonishing E-Learning Statistics for 2020. Retrieved from

The Course Premium Solution:

Course Premium is a first-class online course creation service. It’s your marketing strategy, funnel, email marketing, advertising system, product development, online course, email drip campaign and more, all built seamlessly and holistically, working together for maximum results. It’s the ideal way you can package your expertise and skills, while building instant authority and credibility online – results that will last for years to come.
  • Build your online authority, credibility and reputation
  • Get global exposure and expand your network globally
  • Build an entire marketplace of sellable products and lead magnets
  • The power punch of a published course + your expertise = positioning yourself as the perfect guest for podcasts, webinars, live event presentations and more
  • Make ongoing, residual income
  • Package your work with other items as part of a wealth building funnel
  • Develop multiple ways to monetize your services, book or other offerings

What’s Included?

All our packages include multiple key marketing components. Things such as competitor research, trends research, keywords identification, avatar identification and more that will make your titles, scripts, sales copy, and content more powerful.

Who Am I?

I work with entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and consultants who want to serve clients in a bigger way. I can help you to create an authority online course as the starting point to a highly developed and profitable business model, filled with products; funnels and messaging, that will best help your clients reach their goals. Our mission is to turn your customers into hyper engaged fans!


Covid-19 has put added stress on our food banks. We are committed to ensuring as many people as possible get their meals, every day.  Thus, a portion from all our Course Premium sales will go direct to support Food Banks Canada.

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